Hoffmann und Campe Corporate Publishing

Hoffmann und Campe Corporate Publishing demanded from us a "high quality, clear and easy-looking website", which reflects the expertise and the importance of the company to develop high quality and innovative media. We opted for a web design that combines elements of traditional print design with the interface of modern tablet computers - iPad simulator included. The iPad simululater allows viewing of Hoca iPad apps in the browser, such as the award-winning BMW Magazine.

is proud to announce that the recently developed site for Hoffman & Campe Corporate Publishing www.hocacp.de has been awarded with the by the jury in the category “website/portal”. We would like to congratulate our client Hoffman & Campe for receiving four more awards in other categories!

The Annual Multimedia Award, which was founded in 1996, honors the best multimedia productions of the current year. It is known for identifying state of the art multimedia productions and for setting trends in digital marketing.
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