hdb – real estate database
hamburg’s real estate display
hamburg’s real estate database hdb is a real estate service by hamburg business development corporation (hwf)
hdb supports businesses in their property search, through general consulting and research for available properties. in this process they use the real estate database that has been especially developed for such enquiries.
with its clear and organised presentation of the business objects, detailed information, photos, and floor plans, as well as all necessary contact information, hdb offers a comprehensive overview of the available commercial properties and commercial spaces of the hanseatic city of hamburg.
project details
freiland has on behalf of hwf, carried out a complete relaunch of the hdb real estate database. with the help of the new openimmo interface the new hdb appears with an up-to-date design, optimised access to the real estate objects and simplified processes.
moreover, isi, our maps-application for ipad, tablets and touch screens has been implemented.
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