We have rebranded the annual symposium for the National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL) – Arkitekturdagen. The event highlights a new topic each year and is often challenging architects on topics that are not necessarily directly related to architecture. This helps raising important questions on architectures role in todays society.

Building on the diversity of topics and talks being held at the symposium, we designed a system that highlights exactly this. The previous topics are lifted and presented as a text pattern, in the foreground. This is the legacy of Arkitekturdagen and deserves to shine through. Below the pattern there is room for the topic of the year to be highlighted, in the form of an artistic display, photography, textures, paintings etc. 

For branding elements like flags, banners and such, the pattern is presented without any topic related visuals. These elements can then be used over again independent of topic.

Branding elements for Arkitekturdagen

Moods from Arkitekturdagen 2017:

For Arkitekturdagen 2017, we planned a show with experimental music and live visuals as an opening and closing-show. Watch the video of the opening show here:

Arkitekturdagen 2018 – Coming soon...

This is a project by Medicineheads in collaboration with Freiland Oslo

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