It all started with a power Blackout in our office, we have this documented on Facebook. A short time later, the first auxiliary supplies came with analog devices (notebooks). Thus the idea was born and we initiated a little just fo fun project.

We started with the adaptation of Apple ads to showcase our "Blackout Kids" and the matching SDK, then we faced the question of what we do with the ads. So it  started with a blog and the first posts are written.

With the growing number of Post and our own analog apps we developed, the ads beaome more its own character.

We hope to get more ideas from creative to raise the issue of a 100% analog idea.
Vectorpedo, PAPERSCREEN, Michael L. and all the other Followers of the Blog 
Blackout Kit M
Blackout Kit L
Blackout Kit Retina
Blackout Kit SDK
Blackfriday App '12 - download the app
1.35g Ultra Lightweight Connector
City Map 1.0
O-Santa Beta 1.0
The step by step documentation. Download the manual.
Super Golden Alarm Glock
Fliptupe App 1.0
Paperscreen Undercover
Fratzenbuch 0.1
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